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    买马官网"It would be a pity to disturb your serenity."


    Hopeless indeed must that region be which May cannot clothe with some degree of beauty and embroider with flowers. On the 5th day of the month the early dawn revealed much that would charm the eyes of all true lovers of nature even in that section of Virginia whose characteristics so grimly correspond with its name—The Wilderness. The low pines and cedars, which abound everywhere, had taken a fresh green; the deciduous trees, the tangled thickets, impenetrable in many places by horse or man, were putting forth a new, tender foliage, tinted with a delicate semblance of autumn hues. Flowers bloomed everywhere, humbly in the grass close to the soil as well as on the flaunting sprays of shrubbery and vines, filling the air with fragrance as the light touched and expanded the petals. Wood-thrushes and other birds sang as melodiously and contentedly as if they had selected some breezy upland forest for their nesting-place instead of a region which has become a synonym for gloom, horror, and death.
    He rose. Miss Van Tyne stood before him with outstretched hand. He did not notice it, but bowing coldly, said:


    1."It's as I said it would be?" Martine added huskily, after a moment or two.
    3."I didn't 'list to be a ditch-digger!" said Zeke. "I thought I was going to be a soldier."
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